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CourseGovernor Workshops
Led byBrian Beal
DetailsIs your Governing Body accessing training?

Is your Governing Body compliant with the new Governing Body competency framework?

Noctua Teaching School is offering training which covers all areas of the new competency framework, which outlines six 'principles and personal attributes' for governance: strategic leadership, accountability, people, structures, compliance and evaluation.

Governing Bodies who attend the training will ensure compliance with new Ofsted requirements, whilst allowing an understanding of the new framework and how this resource can inform strategic thinking and evaluation of practice.
TimingsWednesday 17 October 2018Carr Manor£300 partners/ £350 non-partners
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DetailsThis workshop focuses on the knowledge, skills and effective behaviours support robust accountability of executive leaders for both educational performance and for financial organisational performance, ensuring money is well spent.
TimingsWednesday 17 October 20186.00 - 8.00pmCarr Manor
CourseStrategic Leadership
DetailsThis workshop focuses on the knowledge, skills and effective behaviours specifically relating to the board’s strategic role.
TimingsWednesday 12 December 20186.00 - 8.00pmCarr Manor
DetailsThis workshop focuses on how the board can build and sustain effective relationships and dynamics around the table. This session also considers issues of recruitment and active succession planning.
TimingsWednesday 06 February 20196.00 - 8.00pmCarr Manor
DetailsThis workshop focuses on the board’s responsibilities for statutory and contractual requirements.
TimingsWednesday 20 March 20196.00 - 8.00pmCarr Manor
DetailsThis workshop focuses on the board’s ability to reflect on, and respond to, its evaluations of effectiveness and efficiency.
TimingsWednesday 15 May 20196.00 - 8.00pmCarr Manor
DetailsThis workshop focuses on relating the governance structure of the organisation and particularly how governance functions are organised and delegated, including where decisions are made.
TimingsWednesday 19 June 20196.00 - 8.00pmCarr Manor