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CourseGovernor Training - Six Workshops
Led byBrian Beal
DetailsIs your Governing Body accessing training?
Is your Governing Body compliant with the new Governing competency framework?

Noctua Teaching School is offering training which covers all areas of the new competency framework, which outlines six 'principles and personal attributes' for governance: strategic leadership, accountability, people, structures, compliance and evaluation.

Governing Bodies who attend the training will ensure compliance with new Ofsted requirements, whilst allowing an understanding of the new framework and how this resource can inform strategic thinking and evaluation of practice.

Please see the attached flyer for information about the six workshops.
TimingsWednesday 17 October 20186.30-8.30pmCarr Manor Primary School£300 partners and £350 non-partners for all six workshops
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CourseUnderstanding your school's Inspection Data Summary
Led byBecky Lawrence
DetailsThe session will cover the following:

• How to understand analytical data about learning outcomes and what kinds of questions to ask using this data.
• Making sense of the DfE’s KS1 to KS2 progress methodology and understanding the impact of outliers.
• How to use comparative data for different pupil groups.
This session builds analytical knowledge and understanding in line with the DfE's competency framework for governors.

To get the most out of this session please bring with you a hard copy of your school’s Inspection Data Summary Report for 2018. This is available from your headteacher, and will be published on the DfE’s Analyse School Performance system in October 2018.

TimingsWednesday 21 November 20186.30pm-8.30pmCarr Manor Primary School£50 partner / £55 non-partner
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CourseStrategic leadership – evaluating the impact of your school’s curriculum
Led byBrian Beal, Independent School Improvement Adviser and Trainer
DetailsWhy it’s important
A broad and balanced curriculum should offer a range of opportunities for pupils to learn, and contribute well to pupils’ behaviour and welfare, including their physical, mental and personal wellbeing, safety and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
The governing board needs to know whether its school’s chosen curriculum meets the needs of its pupils as well as meeting statutory requirements.
TimingsTuesday 04 December 20186.30pm - 8.30pmCarr Manor Primary School£50 partner / £55 non-partner
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