Noctua Teaching School Alliance

Research and Development

NCP2 - Textbook project
Noctua Teaching School's strategic partner, Moortown Primary, is one of only a few schools in the area taking part in the National Collaborative Project 2, a research project run by Maths Hubs. The project studies the effectiveness of high quality textbooks to support teacher professional development and develop deep conceptual and procedural knowledge for pupils.

Cambridge Primary Review Trust
Noctua Teaching Schools strategic partners, Tranmere Park Primary and Moortown Primary has been researching the 'Cambridge Primary Review Trust'The Cambridge Primary Review (CPR) was launched in October 2006 as a fully independent enquiry into the condition and future of primary education in England. It aimed to re-assess existing evidence, collect additional evidence from a wide range of sources and stakeholders, separate truth from media myth and political spin, and shape a vision for the future of this vital phase of children’s education. The Trust continues to engage with schools through educational research projects which directly impact on children's experiences of school.

Yorkshire Maths Hub
Noctua Teaching Schools lead school, Tranmere Park Primary, is working with MathsHubs to deliver CPD to ALP Maths coordinators as part of the Problem Solving Project. It focuses on using problem solving as a core approach to maths teaching (as opposed to it being something we do after the children have achieved fluency). The project consists of our Maths Leader receiving training from secondary maths specialists from the Yorkshire Maths Hub, putting this into practice and then delivering training to other schools.

Visible Classrom project
Noctua Teaching Schools lead school, Tranmere Park Primary is working on The Visible Classroom research project (a partnership between University of Melbourne, Ai-Media and SSAT). It aims to improve student achievement outcomes by supporting teachers’ professional practice development. The project aims to encourage teachers to reflect on their teaching and develop classroom practice using real-time, credible evidence.

Smarter Spaces – an SSAT and Dulux project
In October 2015, SSAT, in partnership with Dulux (part of the AkzoNobel Group) launched a new and exciting action research project in schools, that empowers learners to take an active role in the design and application of a ‘smarter space’ for teaching and learning. Ten schools, from across the country were selected, from a strong set of applications, to be part of this project. Tranmere Park Primary is one of the Ten schools chosen. Tranmere will go through a design process working with their students and a Dulux designer between November 2015 and February 2016 to create the ‘smarter space’ for their school. Over the next year the schools will then use this ‘smarter space’ creatively across the school to investigate the implications for teacher practice and the effect on learner engagement and activity. The project, through a process of action research, will record and measure the impact of this new space on teacher pedagogy and young people’s learning and engagement.

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