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New Headteacher Support

You have provided me with a whole new perspective on looking at Leadership and Management throughout school which I will definitely be making reference to in the coming weeks and months.

Noctua partners have a substantial track record in providing leadership support for newly appointed and experienced headteachers.

In partnership with your school, bespoke packages of support are available to suit your setting and your budget.

The cost of a package of support will be determined by a number of factors including the need, length and focus of work agreed with an individual school. Models of deployment will vary on a school to school basis. Deployments could be for a single day or a few days to provide immediate support. Alternatively, they could be on a longer term basis to support more substantial school improvement.

Support might come from a National Leader of Education (NLE), Local Leader of Education (LLE) or Specialist Leader of Education (SLE). We have a bank of lots of other excellent leaders and teachers, too. If your school wants support, we would work with you to identify who has the relevant skills and experience to offer a good match for your school setting and the level of support required.

All leaders deployed from the Noctua Teaching School Alliance will be monitored for the quality of the support they provide. They will be expected to be able to evidence that their work has had a positive impact using a range of indicators including learner progress and the improved quality of teaching and learning.

We can also play an important strategic role in succession planning and talent management – to ‘grow’ the next generation of headteachers for all our schools and ensure they have the skills needed for successful school leadership.
New Headteacher Support 2017-18
Programme 2017 - 2018
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