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Leadership and Management

CourseAre you Ofsted Ready
Led byDavid Thompson
TimingsThursday 27 September 20189am - 12Venue TBC£50 partner / £55 non-partner
CourseMiddle Leaders Accountability?
Led byTim Richards
DetailsAn inspection is always about the day or two days!
Being forever ready can be the challenge for many schools and the opportunities for middle leaders to share their experience and knowledge of their schools are sometimes scarce.
Inspection, however, is really about opportunities for children every day and this is where middle leaders can be impacting on outcomes in a broad sense in school.
Articulating your role and your areas of responsibility are crucial elements of practice for any school in any situation.
TimingsThursday 11 October 20189am-3pmVenue TBC£50 partner / £55 non-partner
Course‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it’
Led byStuart Herrington
DetailsA course on relational leadership and the impact of emotional intelligence on school improvement.
TimingsThursday 15 November 20189.30am - 3.45pmPudsey Primrose Hill Primary School £100 partner / £120 non partner
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Course‘You get what you give’
Led byStuart Herrington
DetailsHelping leaders to unlock the keys to staff recruitment, retention and motivation.
TimingsWednesday 30 January 20199.30am-12.15pm or 1.15pm - 4pmPudsey Primrose Hill Primary School £50 partner / £55 non-partner
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