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CourseChimp Management - Personal Wellbeing for Teachers
Led byTim Buckle
DetailsThe day will revolve around Professor Steve Peters ground breaking and easily accessible model of the mind which uses lay terminology and metaphor to simplify complicated neuroscience to allow people to gain insight into the rules of our mind and help us understand that we have a choice in how we think, feel and behave. However, we will discover that it is a skill to manage our minds and without commitment and hard work the more helpful version of ourselves will remain in flux.

Tim Buckle will aim to use the model to address:

- Personal Wellbeing
- Understanding and getting the best out of others in our worlds
- Creating realistic expectations around working with young people
TimingsThursday 04 July 20199.30am-3.30pm Registration at 9.00amThe Village Hotel, Headingley, Leeds, LS16 5PR£30 non partner
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