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Address: Tranmere Park Primary School, Ridge Close, Guiseley, LS20 8JJ
Telephone: 01943 875050
Twitter: @noctuateaching

Meet the Team

Kirsten Finley
Director of Noctua TSA - NLE and Headteacher of Tranmere Park Primary School
Claire Ranshaw
Noctua TSA - RIC SLE Lead (SSIF) - Inclusion Manager, Manor Wood Primary School
Diane Sanderson
Noctua TSA - Finance Manager
David Owen
Noctua TSA - English Leader and SLE, Sphere Federation, Moortown Primary School
Andrea Taylor
Noctua TSA - Teaching School Manager
Marie Byrne 
Noctua TSA - SLE Lead  for Noctua TSA
Laura Greaves
Noctua TSA - Project Support Administrator
Kathryn Dickson
Noctua TSA - School Direct Lead, Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School
Joanne Kelly
Noctua TSA - Administrator