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CourseFive Types of Enquiry
DetailsThis workshop will explore 'working scientifically' skills outlined in the National Curriculum through the five types of enquiry children can learn through. It focuses on engaging children in science learning by inspiring awe and wonder and igniting curiosity. The afternoon will involve lots of practical ideas to inject scientific enquiry into the classroom, whether this learning is linked to scientific knowledge mentioned in the curriculum or not. Delegates will go home with a firm understanding of 'working scientifically' skills; the five types of enquiry; and a range of practical investigations to take back to their classroom.
TimingsWednesday 06 February 20191pm - 3pmMoortown Primary School
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CourseEnquiry when it's not so obvious!
DetailsThere are some science topics where enquiry fits like a glove, and some where it takes a bit more unpicking to find the most relevant and engaging ways to explore them practically. This workshop will provide delegates with practical ideas for the trickiest of topics and will develop further the 'working scientifically' and enquiry skills covered in 'Five Types of Enquiry' workshop. Covering topics from EYFS to Y6, you will go away with enquiry ideas to arm all of your teachers!
TimingsWednesday 20 March 20191pm - 3pm Moortown Primary School
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CourseResources and Links
DetailsThere are all sorts of resources out there to help make primary science relevant and engaging. This workshop will provide delegates with a whole host of resources and links they can then use back in their classrooms. We'll explore the use of literature alongside science; tried and tested theme-based lessons linking children's learning to real events; and bring in some outside agencies who can talk about how they can work with schools, allowing everybody to go home with a list of great contacts for their science learning in and out of school.
TimingsWednesday 08 May 20191pm - 3pmMoortown Primary School
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CourseScience Leaders Network Meeting
DetailsThis workshop will be the conclusion to the year of science CPD, a final chance for 2018/19 to share best practice with other leaders, evaluate your action plans from the first meeting, evaluate and moderate assessments from the year and put in place your school science calendar for 2019/20. This is a great opportunity to get ahead for the coming year.
TimingsWednesday 12 June 20191pm - 3pmMoortown Primary School
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