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CourseEYFS 2018-2019 - Six workshops
DetailsOur programme covers six full day sessions and will be delivered by our Specialist Leaders of Education who have a wealth of expertise in Early Years
(6 sessions detailed below).
How much will it cost?
The cost of the programme is £150 partners and £180 non-partners (a different colleague can attend each session).

Who is it for?
All Early Years Teachers and Teaching Assistants. 
TimingsTuesday 09 October 2018£150 partners/ £180 non-partners
BookingClick here to book your place
CourseEffective Communication and Language – Pause, Think, Challenge
Details• Effective questioning and interaction to ensure challenge;
• Successfully capturing learning – the themes, principles and practice of EYFS;
• Responsive and effective use of environments to promote effective communication and language.
TimingsTuesday 09 October 20189 - 3pmPudsey Primrose Hill
Course Supporting Physical Development - Pinch, Step, Leap
Details• Effective provision and practice indoors and outside, to promote sustained development of fine and gross motor skills;
• Developing pupil’s physical skills to support success across the curriculum.
• Reviewing and developing learning outdoors to ensure balance and breadth for all pupils;
• Promoting active and engaging learning for boys – risk and challenge.
TimingsThursday 22 November 20189 - 3pmPudsey Primrose Hill
CourseDeveloping Readiness for Learning in Literacy – Read, Write, Achieve.
Details• Strategies for engagement – getting the context right;
• Phonics through the phases;
• Language to support reading and writing;
• Promoting successful parental engagement.
TimingsThursday 07 February 20199 - 3pmPudsey Primrose Hill
CourseMaths Problem Solving for all – Understand, Process, Apply
Details• Deepening knowledge in number and Shape, Space and Measures;
• Enabling environments which promote problem solving;
• Opportunities to exceed – reflecting on all areas of learning.
TimingsTuesday 19 March 20199 - 3pmPudsey Primrose Hill
CoursePromoting Progress and Raising Standards – Reflect, Understand, Extend
Details• Capturing, managing and understanding EYFS data;
• Promoting progress for vulnerable, hard to reach and hard to shift pupils;
• Reflecting upon provision and practice;
• Inspiring learning through projects.
TimingsTuesday 21 May 20199 - 3pmPudsey Primrose Hill
CourseBridging the Gap between EYFS and Year One – Relationships, Resilience, Success
Details• Understanding the Characteristics of Effective Learning in EYFS and Year One – transferable skills;
• Readiness for Year One
• Supporting the needs of pupils working outside of ARE at the end of EYFS and pupils with uneven patterns of attainment.
TimingsThursday 20 June 20199 - 3pmPudsey Primrose Hill